Who is suitable to use a massage chair?

Who is suitable to use a massage chair?

1. Suitable crowd of massage chair: Massage chair is suitable for sub-health groups such as people with physical fatigue, mental pressure, busy work, and easy insomnia. And it is also of great help to maintain a good physical state of healthy people.

2. Unsuitable crowd of massage chair: Patients with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis as well as cancer patients had better not easily try the massage function of the massage chair. Because the accelerated blood flow brought by the massage chair will bring pressure to the originally more fragile cardiovascular, but also may stimulate the growth of tumors, and too much massage strength may bring accidental harm to osteoporosis patients.

3. Young children are advised not to use massage chair.

4. If the skin of the area to be massaged is broken, swollen, and ulcerated, it had better stop using massage chair for a few days or weeks until the skin is healthy.

5. After meals and drinking, it had better wait at least 30 minutes before massging instead of immediately using the chair.

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