Development of the Massage Chair

Development of the Massage Chair

In 1962, a Japanese company successfully invented the world's first "fully automatic massage chair".

In 1974, the first massage chair that can control the head stretching and kneading mode by adjusting the clutch was invented.

After the popularity of home showers, the number of customers in public bathhouses gradually decreased, so the product was developed for personal use.

The "kneading massage chair" and the subsequent "hammering massage chair" were previously sold separately. And the massage chair combining these two functions was launched in the 1970s.

The arm equipped with the "kneading head" is detachable, so it can usually be used as a chair in the living room, which is welcomed by family users.

In 1983, the first roller-switching massage chair appeared, with the effect of rubbing and acupressure.

In the past, the massage chair required the user to cooperate with the action of the machine, adjusting the seating point and the position of the body.

After that, the massage chair with "kneading head" rolling along the spine of the back has been developed and the backrest has also been improved to be adjustable.

The "kneading head" used in the past, which is a "point" press like shiatsu, is now improved into a "plane" massage, which feels like be wrapped by the palm of the hand. Start with this model, the massage chair is equipped with leg cushions, and the leg massage can be performed at the same time.

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