How to buy a good massage chair?

How to buy a good massage chair?

  1. Movement of the massage chair

The movement is the core component of a massage chair, which likes the heart of the human body, is the mechanical center of the massage chair. It is composed of three parts of the motherboard, motor and massage hands. Strictly speaking, the quality of the movement directly determines the massage effect of the massage chair, and the quality of this part is also the main reason why the price of the massage chair varies widely on the market.


  1. a) The types of the movement: It can be roughly divided into 1D (8 fixed massage hands), 2D and 3D.  The movement of expensive massage chair is mostly 3D.
  2. b) The material of the movement: It can be roughly divided into three kinds of all-refined steel movement, plastic and partially refined steel movement and all-plastic movement.


High-priced massage chairs are mostly equipped with fully refined steel movements. But some expensive massage chairs still use plastic and partially refined steel movements in order to save costs, or for some other considerations. The all-plastic movement is commonly found in some low-cost massage chairs.


Fully refined steel movement as the name suggests is the main part of the whole movement. Such as the movement motherboard and massage hands, are made of full refined steel. Although the cost of the massage chair with full refined movement the increases, its massage accuracy, strength and the service life of the movement are unmatched by the plastic movement.


Due to the limitations of the material itself, the massage accuracy, strength and durability of the plastic movement will be slightly inferior to the full refined steel movement. With the use of the massage chair and time flies, plastic will gradually age, deformation, and finally affect the entire massage experience. Plastic movement also has advantage, which will run quieter. But that doesn't nearly make up for what it lacks in massage experience and durability.


Movement selection:

3D movement > 2D movement > 1D movement

Full refined steel movement > Plastic and Partial Steel movement > Plastic movement

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