Advancing Technology

We keep bringing innovative core-tech, with advancements in 4D massage rollers to adapt to your needs.

Personalized Massage Journey

Tailor your massage experience with adjustable intensity, targeted massage areas, or various massage programs

Ergonomic Design

Designed with your comfort in mind, the SL track and full-body air pillows promote optimal relaxation during every massage session.

Style and Durability

Committing to giving a quick after-sale and a 3-year credible warranty to complement your living space with excellent style and longevity.




Real 4D Rollers

$3600 off

Advanced Technology with Move in&out 4D Rollers


Human-like Techniques

kneading, tapping, knocking, clapping, shiatsu, scrapping, You can enjoy a present 12 massage program or create your own for a whole-body massage experience from your neck to your feet



Automatically scanning your leg length and extending the leg area during massage, the rollers on the soles of feet can effectively stimulate acupoints.

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  • 45-day Return Plan
  • 3-Year Warranty

All-round warmth ready for the cold winter, removable setting gives you multiple choice

Foot Massgae pro

Comes with air pillows, rollers & heating, which works for all kinds of needs in foot massage.

3D Massage Roller

The 3D rollers move up and down, side to side. This dynamic motion closely mimics the movement of the human hand, giving adjustable strength and customizable massage, providing a therapist-like massage experience.

Customer Reviews

After the very first use I felt relaxed! All the different modes and the heat are a winner! Easy to use! Didn’t have to put it together; all I had to do was plug it in and get to relaxing! Highly recommend this chair! Also the best company to purchase from! They were messaging me at every step of the delivery until I received it! They also answered my questions super fast! Love this chair!! For anyone considering getting one! This is the One! Enjoy!!

Nicholas G.

January 16, 2024, in the United States

Give it a little bit to play around with the modes and settings to fit your individual needs. But once you get it figured out you will love it! Everyone that sits in it loves it. And the Bluetooth music setting sounds like surround sound in your head and it feels like nothing else is around you and puts you in your own World...I am s Chiropractor and I recommend!


December 12, 2023, 2023 in Canada

Working all day my wife and I needed a massage chair to relax. We saw plenty of massage chairs but this one seemed suited all our needs. We usually don't order electronic items without seeing it in person but I do not regret buying this at all.The introduction are very clear and easy to understand. The operating systems are also amazing. All the functions are great and very relaxing. This is worth it for the price and the functions!!

Billie Davidson

December 29, 2023 in the United States

Brought this for the wife she loves it. The reason i brought it because of its simplicity my wife is not a high gadget type woman. She want to get in and get out. The remote is very basic to the point witha few features that anyone could operate. Delivery was slow it took 2 extra weeks to get it but its definitely worth the money.


January 27, 2024 in Canada

I purchase this chair about 3 weeks ago, i think its one of the best chairs on the market. Love the foot massage, the sport masssage, the pressure on the legs , foot, especially the heel and ankle of the foot ,arms and shoulder. I feel that this chair is well made. Plus their tech support is by far the best of the best. But there is one problem i cant seem to fix and thats getting my wife to let me use the chair.

Larry A. Cross

January 24, 2024 in the United States

My family loves it all. I can't think even the most expensive one can do better. It has some great presets that you can choose from, or you can manually choose the massage method you want. This fabric feels like genuine leather and is durable. Every time I massage, I turn on the heating function, and soon my body will warm up. At first, I may not be used to it, but after a few days, I will adapt and feel relaxed.


January 9, 2024 in Canada