Q 1: What is the Zero Gravity feature?

The Zero Gravity Chair is a recliner designed to suspend your body in a neutral position where your feet are elevated and aligned with your heart. When lying in a Zero Gravity chair, you experience a feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to relax deeply and release tension.

Here,take one of iBooMas products for example, the zero gravity massage chair is only 1.97 inches away from the wall when you are on it, the footrest and backrest each have different angle controls, the R8606 Bluetooth speaker is connected to listen to your favourite music and the negative ions released make you feel like you are in a forest and enjoy a happy time with your massage.

Q 2: What is the 3D massage function?

Instead of just rolling up and down, the 3D function moves the rollers towards the body. This makes the massage more beneficial and therapeutic. 3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller head to protrude from the track in an effort to bring your massage to areas usually overlooked by ordinary massage chairs, such as the upper shoulder area and the upper neck.

Q 3: What is a shiatsu massage?

The Shiatsu massage chair is pre-programmed with 12 automatic massage programmes, such as Thai Stretch, Sleep and Sports Restoration modes, for you in different states of mind. Customisable settings for massage programmes, such as 6 massage strokes, 6 massage strengths, 3 airbag strengths, etc. Free to adjust the position of the massage rollers for a fixed point massage.


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